Shaker Hinged 2/3 Lite Patio Door

Double Door Sizes

72" x 80”

Finish Options

Glass Options

Other Options

The Shaker Hinged 2/3 Lite Fiberglass Patio Door is a fiberglass door system with complete composite edging and full composite frames that are 100% waterproof and resist rotting, warping, splitting, delaminating, denting and rusting. Loaded with energy-efficient features, this hinged door comes double bored and includes patented water-resistant draining system and weather-stripping insulation. Both the main active panel and the secondary passive panel are operable. Open both door panels to reveal a wide clear opening with no center post to hinder your view.  The secondary passive panel comes with 2 flush bolt locks that secure into the top and bottom frame when closed. This low-maintenance door is engineered to withstand a lifetime of use and offers peace of mind that your door will remain beautiful for years to come.

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